A police officer walks past a flag draped over a barrier following a demonstration calling for greater security to protect truck drivers from migrants trying to enter Britain illegally from France, at the Port of Dover in Dover on 27 September 2014. Prime Minister David Cameron said he was confident efforts by undocumented migrants to reach Britain via the French port of Calais would be curbed even as British truck drivers planned a protest. A Facebook group called “Support the Calais to Dover Truckers” has called for action at Dover, Britain s ferry terminal that is the busiest in Europe, handling 350,000 tonnes of cargo annually, with around 10,000 container movements per year. Due to domestic pressure, Cameron is seeking support from the EU for bringing migration under control and limiting the flow of foreign workers. Photo: Scanpix


On the night before 9 December 2014, Greek Parliament managed to pass a balanced budget for the first time in many decades. PM Samaras has moved a crucial Presidential poll forward in a bid to end Greece’s political uncertainty. If
no candidate gets three-fifths of the vote in parliament, a general election will be triggered. The left-wing populist Syriza party wants to use the Presidential election to force early parliamentary elections and plans to vote against any candidate. Photo: Scanpix

Sweden’s Minister for Health Care, Public Health and Sport and Social Democrat Gabriel Wikstrom (middle) hands out propaganda leaflets next to Minister for Social Security and Social Democrat Annika Strandhall (second from right) at Sergels Square in central Stockholm on 3 Decem- ber 2014. Sweden will hold its first snap election for more than half a century in March after a far-right party helped defeat the centre-left minority government s first budget in parliament. Photo: Scanpix


Cover photo: A grinning aviator in the Soviet Badger bomber. Photo taken from a Royal Navy Phantom fighter who caught the intruder observing the “Northern Wedding” NATO exercise in the North Sea, September 1970. 

Photo: Scanpix